Mary Grove


Mary Grove Thomas Graves Sarah Dyer William Dyer Mary Walker Nathaniel Starr Ann Starr


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Thomas Graves 1666  Sarah Dyer 17 Feb 1668

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Nathaniel Starr 1678  Ann Starr


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 1684 England






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Nathaniel StarrPartner or Husband1678England1720England
Ann StarrDaughter1715
Sarah DyerMother17 Feb 1668Boston, Suffolk, MA.1710USA
Thomas GravesFather1666England1710England
Naomi BarrGranddaughter1739Sussex, DE.18 Oct 1789DE.
Great grandchildren
Levin (2) LankGreat grandson5 Sep 1768Milton, DE.3 Oct 1831DE.
Second grandchildren
Mitchell LankSecond grandson12 Jan 1793DE.23 Apr 1854DE.
Third grandchildren
William Jefferis LankThird grandson24 Feb 1831DE.25 Nov 1911DE.
Fourth grandchildren
Isaiah Stanton LankFourth grandson30 Jan 1886DE.26 Aug 1956DE.
Alvin Biddle LankFourth grandson17 Jun 1882DE.7 Nov 1947Hyattsville, MD
Rutherford Barrett LankFourth grandson13 Aug 1879DE.20 Aug 1959MD.
Margaret Ruth LankFourth granddaughter20 FEB 1877Bear, DE26 OCT 1969Wilmington, DE.
Jenny Steward LankFourth granddaughter24 MAR 1875DE.26 OCT 1956Wilmington, DE.
Oliver Appleby LankFourth grandson24 Mar 18721 Feb 1875
Henri Silver LankFourth grandson4 FEB 1871DE.20 JUN 1940DE.
James Wilson LankFourth grandson6 Jun 1869Feb 1924
William Nelson LankFourth grandson20 Nov 186610 Oct 1951
Sarah Smithers LankFourth granddaughter24 AUG 18647 FEB 1911Wilmington, DE
Mary Elizabeth LankFourth granddaughter20 JUN 1862DE.1 JUL 1940Presho, SD
John Moore LankFourth grandson10 Dec 18594 Jan 1937
Mitchell Lewis LankFourth grandson30 Jul 185723 Oct 1925
Edwin Miers LankFourth grandson1 Mar 1856DE21 Dec 1955La Crosse, KA
Fifth grandchildren
Aubrey Biddle LankFifth grandson14 Jun 1925Davenport, IA.8 Aug 1999Wilmington, DE
Stanton Boulden LankFifth grandson15 Nov 1922Davenport, IA.19 Apr 1984Wilmington, DE.
David Stanton LankFifth grandson4 Oct 1918DE10 Oct 1918DE.
Laura E. LankFifth granddaughter15 Dec 1917Washington, DC.2 Oct 1999
Harold Clase LankFifth grandson8 Apr 19165 Jun 1995
Murrell Chandler LankFifth grandson9 Oct 1915Washington, DC18 Apr 1980Arlington, VA
Daniel Evans HarrisFifth grandson12 APR 1914Wilmington, DE8 AUG 2006Lancaster, PA
Samuel Winfield LankFifth grandson3 Jun 191316 Nov 1982
Elizabeth Smithers HarrisFifth granddaughter18 APR 1912Wilmington, DE
Helen N. LankFifth granddaughter19 Jul 19119 Feb 1914?
Everett S. LankFifth grandson19 Sep 1910Washington, DC22 Apr 1976Bethesda, MD
James Wilson SpenceFifth grandson4 JUN 1910Wilmington, DECharlestown, MD
Gertrude H. LankFifth granddaughter14 Aug 19096 Feb 1914?
George Neall SpenceFifth grandson12 NOV 1907Wilmington, DECharlestown, MD
Florence "Mae" Mae LankFifth granddaughter1 Aug 1907Wilmington, DE
Mildred Elma LankFifth granddaughter26 Jun 1906Wilmington, DE20 Apr 1976Bethesda, MD
Francis Edwin LankFifth grandson3 NOV 1905Wilmington, DE20 MAY 1993Wilmington, DE.
Grace Elizabeth LankFifth granddaughter3 Feb 19058 Jul 1995Alexandria, VA
Preston Winchester (Jr) SpenceFifth grandson21 MAR 1904Wilmington, DEWilmington, DE
Harvey Nelson VernonFifth grandson1904
William Jefferis "Jeff" Lank (II) Fifth grandson2 Nov 1903DE16 Nov 1952DC.
Ruby May LankFifth granddaughter8 MAR 1903Galva, IA.1 DEC 1935Sioux City, IA.
Rutherford Barrett (Jr) LankFifth grandson15 Jan 1902DC.14 Aug 1976NJ
Sarah Neall VernonFifth granddaughter18 NOV 1900
Alice M. LankFifth granddaughter25 Apr 1900DC.12 Jul 1955DC.
Steward VernonFifth grandson1897
Hattie Gertrude LankFifth granddaughter24 Sep 1896Hargrave, KS17 Apr 1987Kansas City, KS
Margaret VernonFifth granddaughter18951925
Mary Lucratia ThompsonFifth granddaughter19 JUL 1893IA
William Fitch LankFifth grandson16 JUN 1893IA2 DEC 1979CA
Raymond VernonFifth grandson1893
George Washington VernonFifth grandson29 AUG 1891
Hannah Alta LankFifth granddaughter10 Jan 1891Bazine, KS23 Nov 1986La Crosse, KA.
Margaret Ruth LankFifth granddaughter13 NOV 1890Galva, IA.11 JUN 1981Newell, IA.
William Paul ThompsonFifth grandson22 JAN 1890IA
Mary VernonFifth granddaughter7 SEP 188925 Jun 1925
Lula Lucile LankFifth granddaughter17 Nov 188829 Oct 1985
Eugene Melvin VernonFifth grandson18 NOV 188717 JUN 1972
Margaret Mildred ThompsonFifth granddaughter13 JUL 1886IA28 MAY 1973Shelby, MT
Albert VernonFifth grandson18861903
William Jefferis VernonFifth grandson24 JUL 1885Wilmington, DE14 MAR 1966Wilmington, DE
Bessie Martha LankFifth granddaughter29 Apr 1884La Crosse, KS.7 Feb 1963La Crosse, KS
Hannah ThompsonFifth granddaughter5 DEC 1883IA22 FEB 1919SD
William Allen LankFifth grandson30 Dec 188219 Jun 1919
William John LankFifth grandson4 Apr 1881La Crosse, KA.16 Oct 1965Shereveport, LA
Eva LankFifth grandson
6th grandchildren
Mary Susan Lank6th granddaughter
William Lank Harris6th grandson
Laura Anne Lank6th granddaughter
Judith Catherine Lank6th granddaughter
Richard Jefferis Lank6th grandson
Julian Stanton Lank6th grandson
Diane Margaret Lank6th granddaughter
William Jefferis Lank6th grandson21 Oct 1950Wilmington, DE.13 Dec 1992Wilmington, DE.
David Stanton Lank6th grandson
Judith Louise Kline6th granddaughter
Ellen B. Lank6th granddaughter
James Chandler Lank6th grandson
Fred Barrett Blood6th grandson
Phyllis Ann Kline6th granddaughter
John Early Smithers6th grandson
Charlotte Evans Harris6th granddaughter
Ann Elizabeth Kline6th granddaughter14 MAR 1946Dayton, OH14 MAR 1946Dayton, OH
Thomas Wolcott Brown6th grandson
Judith Carolyn Lank6th granddaughter
Jean Hollingsworth Lank6th granddaughter
Marie Ann Lank6th granddaughter15 DEC 1944Willmington, DE22 APR 1992Baltimore, MD.
Sandra Sue Lank6th granddaughter
William Hubert Kline6th grandson
Susan Carol Blood6th granddaughter
Louise Sandra Lank6th granddaughter
Susan Roberta Lank6th granddaughter
Emma Lou Smithers6th granddaughter
Carol Lynn Harris6th granddaughter
Stephen Douglas Blood6th grandson
Margaret Ruth Kline6th granddaughter13 APR 1942Dayton, OH4 Nov 1996
Jeffrey Boyd Spence6th grandson
Patricia Ann Spence6th granddaughter
Katharine Alice Kline6th granddaughter
Albert Joseph Lank6th grandson1 Jul 1940Johnstown, PA27 Mar 1959Bethesda, MD
James Wilson (Jr) Spence6th grandson
Margaret Elaine "Peggy" Harris6th granddaughter18 FEB 1940Easton, MD3 JAN 1991Concord, MA
David E. Brown6th grandson
Jerome Paul Lank6th grandson
Thomas Barrett Lank6th grandson
Anne C. Lank6th granddaughter
Ethel Jane Vernon6th granddaughter28 JAN 193529 Oct 1995
Ruth Jeannette Lank6th granddaughter
Jean Davis Lank6th granddaughter
Donald Spence Townsend6th grandson
William Barton (Jr) Smithers6th grandson1 Dec 1932Miami,FL26 Sep 1956Larado, TX
Elizabeth Anne Vernon6th granddaughter
Jane Emma Lank6th granddaughter
Frances Rose Lank6th granddaughter18 JUL 1931Wilmington, DE.27 JUL 1990Wilmington, DE
Kathleen Pierce Townsend6th granddaughter
Janet Elizabeth Spence6th granddaughter
Joan Barton Smithers6th granddaughter
Joseph Lank6th grandson7 SEP 1929New York City5 MAR 1983CA
Dorothy Rose Vernon6th granddaughter
Gordon Fitch Ellison6th grandson
Sarah Lillian Townsend6th granddaughter
John Franklin Vernon6th grandson
Caroline Barnes Vernon6th granddaughter3 JAN 19283 SEP 1970
Eugene Palmer Vernon6th grandson28 FEB 19274 Apr 1996
Robert Clark Townsend6th grandson21 OCT 192622 OCT 1927
Timothy Lank6th grandson3 SEP 1926New York City13 AUG 1982CA
Walter Raymond Vernon6th grandson29 JAN 19261 JUL 1927
John Vernon Townsend6th grandson
Ruth Lamborn Vernon6th granddaughter
George Albert Vernon6th grandson
David Lank6th grandson
Ruth Laurell Mellick6th granddaughter10 Mar 1924La Crosse, KA.24 Feb 1932La Crosse, KA.
Eleanor Sarah Vernon6th granddaughter
Mildred Mellick6th granddaughter14 Oct 1922La Crosse, KA./14 Oct 1922La Crosse, KA.
Edwin Riley Lank6th grandson5 Apr 1922Pittsburg, KS29 Mar 1989Shreveport, LA
Raymond William Vernon6th grandson
Sara Caroline Vernon6th granddaughter11 OCT 1921
Sarah Spence Vernon (Lapple)6th granddaughter27 APR 19202/17/2002Capistrano Beach, CA, USA
Eugene Vernon Knowles6th grandson16 NOV 191921 FEB 1926
Albert Burnside (2) Vernon6th grandson10 NOV 1919
Robert Byron Lank6th grandson1 Jul 1919Pittsburg, KS
Janet Brooks Vernon6th granddaughter11 FEB 1919
Margaret Ruth Hubbard6th granddaughter13 DEC 1918SD5 MAR 1919SD
Dorothy Vernon6th granddaughter21 JUN 1917
Eugene Axon Vernon6th grandson16 AUG 1916Wilmington, DE
William John (Jr) Lank6th grandson12 Aug 1916Albuquerque, NM22 Dec 1981?
John William Hubbard6th grandson23 SEP 1915SD5 APR 1932SD
Clarence Simpson Gustine6th grandson26 MAY 1915Moville, IA.28 JUL 1991Portland, OR.
Elizabeth Blair Vernon6th granddaughter21 APR 1915
Wendell Neal Lester6th grandson27 FEB 1915Galva, IA.
Robert Melvin Vernon6th grandson12 FEB 1914Wilmington, DE16 OCT 1943USN, Alaska
Elizabeth Adams Vernon6th granddaughter24 NOV 1913Trenton, NJ
Bertram Eugene (Jr) Corkill6th grandson18 NOV 1913SD16 NOV 1992VA
Margaret Ruth Newman6th granddaughter11 Nov 1913La Crosse, KS
Willian Lewis (Jr) Knowles6th grandson5 MAY 1913
Charles Eugene Hubbard6th grandson7 OCT 1912Presho, SD
Elizabeth Hubbard6th granddaughter10 NOV 1910Presho, SD4 JAN 1987CA
Glen Lank Gustine6th grandson29 May 1910
William (Jr) Jefferis Vernon6th grandson19 NOV 1909Yardley, PA22 Apr 1997
James Franklin Hubbard6th grandson15 MAR 1909SD19 NOV 1910SD
Edwin Mahlon Newman6th grandson7 Nov 1908?
John Franklin Corkill6th grandson4 SEP 1907SD10 APR 1995MD
Betty Lenore Gustine6th granddaughter19 Apr 1907
Beatrice Merle Gustine6th granddaughter8 Feb 190712 Feb 1907
Doris Elizabeth Corkill6th granddaughter10 AUG 1905SD29 MAY 1995SD
7th grandchildren
Mandel Joseph (III) Much7th grandson
Victoria Ryan Lank7th granddaughter
Daniel Silver Harris7th grandson
Katherine Dolores Much7th granddaughter
Eric David Eisner7th grandson
Christian Marie Lank7th granddaughter
Gillian M. Vernon7th granddaughter
Sean M. Vernon7th grandson
Alexandria Noel Lank7th granddaughter
Thomas Joseph Chappo7th grandson
Carrie Lank7th granddaughter
Peter M. Lank7th grandson
Harold Christian Blood7th grandson
Maureen Vernon7th granddaughter
James Franklin Wilson7th grandson
Jennifer Ruth Brown7th granddaughter
Laura A. Vaughn7th granddaughter
Matthew Alan Boyer7th grandson
James Hubert Kline7th grandson
Barbara Ann Chappo7th granddaughter
Vanessa Lank Bliss7th granddaughter
Catherine Louise Brown7th granddaughter
Douglas Julian Lank7th grandson
James Wilson (III) Spence7th grandson
Katherine Louise Kline7th granddaughter
Richard M.Lank7th grandson
Timothy Robert Coghill7th grandson
Carolyn Kristine Chappo7th granddaughter
Marie Ann Barns7th granddaughter
Jason David Breslau7th grandson
Jennifer Louise Boyer7th granddaughter
Brian Chandler Kenestrick7th grandson
Wendy Renee Jones7th granddaughter
Aydin Say7th grandson
Michelle Lyn Lank7th granddaughter
Stephanie M. Vaughn7th granddaughter
Jon Scott Smithers7th grandson
Deborah Elizabeth Kissell7th granddaughter
Deborah E. Brown7th granddaughter
Nancy Ann Parkinson7th granddaughter
Edwin Arthur Wilson7th grandson
Jonathan Scott Bramble7th grandson
Dana Lynn Breslau7th granddaughter
Stephen M. Vaughn7th grandson27 Jun 1971Hayward, CA.30 Jun 1971Hayward, CA.
Andrew Lewis Coghill7th grandson
Jeffrey Barnes Kooken7th grandson
Amy Lorraine Smithers7th granddaughter
Jenniten Ann Spence7th granddaughter
Julie Mae Rotenizer7th granddaughter
Holly Ann Lank7th granddaughter
Kennard David Wilson7th grandson
James Everett Rouse7th grandson
Kristin Michelle Jones7th granddaughter
Jerome Paul (Jr) Lank7th grandson
Jeffrey Robert Kissell7th grandson
Scott Patrick Martin7th grandson
Michael Bennett Blood7th grandson
Richard Lank Bramble7th grandson
Laura Locke Blood7th granddaughter
Anna Marie Rotenizer7th granddaughter
Corey J. Brown7th granddaughter
Jennifer Ann Garrison7th granddaughter
William Vernon (III) Kenestrick7th grandson3 Nov 1967Falls Church, VA7/30/2007Alexandria, VA, USA
John Martin Spence7th grandson
Peter J. Kooken7th grandson
Stephen Douglas (Jr) Blood7th grandson
Thomas E. Brown7th grandson
James Hubert Parkinson7th grandson
Dawn Ethel Lank7th granddaughter
Steven A. Brown7th grandson3 Jan 1966?11 January 2005Hagerstown, MD
Elizabeth Caroline Pressman7th granddaughter
Linda Teresa Peterson7th granddaughter
George Washington (III) Vernon7th grandson
Carol Susan Rouse7th granddaughter
Valerie Christine Townsend7th granddaughter
Richard William Parkinson7th grandson
Jonathan Stuart Knowles7th grandson
Jeffrey Boyd (Jr) Spence7th grandson
Mark Albrecht Peterson7th grandson
Stephen David Parkinson7th grandson
Randall E. Vernon7th grandson
Harry S. (Jr) Sheing7th grandson
Linda Jane Garrison7th granddaughter
James Allen Knowles7th grandson
Elizabeth Kathie Heath7th granddaughter
Michael Glen Ellison7th grandson
Elizabeth Jean Rouse7th granddaughter
James Palmer Vernon7th grandson
Frederick James Lewis7th grandson
Laura Kathlene Knowles7th granddaughter
Kathleen Diane Langstaff7th granddaughter9 APR 1959NOV 1975
Joanne Hanson Rouse7th granddaughter
Amy Ruth Garrison7th granddaughter
Christopher Lank7th grandson
David Arthur Lank7th grandson
Garrett Frederick (Jr) Reihl7th grandson
Linda Maria Ellison7th granddaughter
John William Postlethwait7th grandson
Julie Lea Peterson7th granddaughter
Ellen Myra Rouse7th granddaughter
James Barrett Garrison7th grandson
Richard Grey (Jr) Langstaff7th grandson
Kenneth Douglas Gossett7th grandson
David William Heath7th grandson
John Gregory Townsend7th grandson
Deborah Anne Pressman7th granddaughter
Lynn Elizabeth Vernon7th granddaughter
Cynthia Spence Barton7th granddaughter
Jane Alice Postlethwait7th granddaughter
Cynthia R. Lank7th granddaughter
Thomas Stanley Vernon7th grandson
Maurice Goodwin (Jr) Zimmerman7th grandson
Garry Stephen Gossett7th grandson
Cheryl Lynn Reihl7th granddaughter
Keith Dudley Barton7th grandson
Sharlene Marie Vernon7th granddaughter
Glenn Allen Vernon7th grandson
John Robert Garrison7th grandson
David Vernon Lewis7th grandson
James Hubert Postlethwait7th grandson
Daniel Elliott Gustine7th grandson3 MAR 1955Lebanon, OR.14 MAY 1955Portland, OR.
Patricia Lank7th granddaughter
Jefferis Kent Peterson7th grandson
Thomas Michael (Jr) Hamilton7th grandson
Gary Scott Vernon7th grandson
John Franklin (Jr) Vernon7th grandson
Jeffrey Goodrich Postlethwait7th grandson
Stephen Lank7th grandson
Joanne Ethel Vernon7th granddaughter
Marjorie Ann Gustine7th granddaughter
George Gifford Vernon7th grandson
Gainon Crook Vernon7th grandson
Norman Vernon Heath7th grandson
George Kenneth Corkill7th grandson
Daniel Riley Lank7th grandson
Dawn Lank7th granddaughter
Cheryl Vernon7th granddaughter
Richard Vernon Knowles7th grandson
Timothy (Jr) Lank7th grandson
Bernis Jean Wilson7th granddaughter
Judy Mae Lank7th granddaughter
Debora Jean Vernon7th granddaughter
John Robert Vernon7th grandson
Mary Diane Zimmerman7th granddaughter
Carol Elizabeth Lewis7th granddaughter
Helen Louise Chandley7th granddaughter
Edward Melvin Vernon7th grandson
Arthur George (Jr) Heath7th grandson
Stanford Edward (Jr) Opdyke7th grandson
Melanie Lank7th granddaughter
Merritt Joseph (Jr) DeGraw7th grandson
Diane Arlene Lapple7th granddaughter
Patricia Carol Heath7th granddaughter
Linda J. Vernon7th granddaughter
Robert Byron (Jr) Lank7th grandson
Nancy Ellen Vernon7th granddaughter
Marilyn F. Lank7th granddaughter
Diane Louise Vernon7th granddaughter
Paul Charles Chandley7th grandson
Geoffrey Burnside Vernon7th grandson
Janel Sue Wilson7th granddaughter
Timm Allen Gustine7th grandson
John Gregory Gustine7th grandson
Valerie Lank7th granddaughter
William Bryce Lank7th grandson11 Jan 1945Kansas City, KS12 Feb 1986
Robert Adams Vernon7th grandson
Charles E. (Jr) Lapple7th grandson
Janet Elizabeth Opdyke7th granddaughter
Charles George Hubbard7th grandson
Mary Elizabeth Chandley7th granddaughter
Ruth Ann Wilson7th granddaughter
William Henry Vernon7th grandson
Sharon Louise Corkill7th granddaughter
Warren Neal Lester7th grandson
Betty Mae Corkill7th granddaughter
Sandra Lee Gustine7th granddaughter
Mary Catherine Corkill7th granddaughter
Beverly Jean Lank7th granddaughter
Helene Kay Hubbard7th granddaughter
Russel James Chandley7th grandson
Bartram Eugene (III) Corkill7th grandson
J. Bradford Gustine7th grandson
Margaret Ruth Chandley7th granddaughter14 DEC 1939Helena, MT7 DEC 1990Studio City, CA
Shirley Beth Wilson7th granddaughter
Marilyn Jean Knowles7th granddaughter
John Franklin (Jr) Corkill7th grandson
Ronald Kennedy Vernon7th grandson
Robert Charles Knowles7th grandson
John William Hubbard7th grandson
Kay Elizabeth Schryvers7th granddaughter
Neal Miller Everhart7th grandson
William Jefferis Vernon7th grandson
William Lewis (III) Knowles7th grandson
Robert Lawrence Everhart7th grandson
Marilyn Jene Schryvers7th granddaughter
Shirley Jane Schryvers7th granddaughter
Drein Vernon7th grandson
Jessica Spence7th granddaughter
William DyerGrandfather1642Boston, Suffolk, MA.1687Sussex, PA
Mary WalkerGrandmother1640Roxbury, MA1688
Great grandparents
Ann LanghamGreat grandmother1685MD
William DyerGreat grandfather19 Sep 1609London, England18 Apr 1672RI
Mary BarrettGreat grandmother1607London, England1 Jun 1660USA
Richard WalkerGreat grandfather
Second great grandparents
Elizabeth BrentSecond great grandmother26 Mar 1686
Anne ShircliffeSecond great grandmother1635Yorkshire, England1680MD
Richard WalkerSecond great grandfather1621MA6 Jun 1698MD
William SeymourSecond great grandfather1 Sep 1587England24 Oct 1660England
Dorothy ShirleySecond great grandmother1581England31 May 1644England
William DyerSecond great grandfather1580London, England1605London, England
Arabella StuartSecond great grandmother1575England1615England
Thomas LanghamSecond great grandfather
Levin (1) LankGrandson-in-law1735East of Mill Creek, Broadkill Hundred, Sussex CO, DE1784DE.