John Ernest Townsend


John Ernest  Townsend Sarah Neall  Vernon Albert Burnside  Vernon Sarah Smithers  Lank William Jefferis  Lank Margaret Ruth Melvin John Vernon  Townsend Robert Clark  Townsend Sarah Lillian  Townsend Kathleen Pierce  Townsend Donald Spence  Townsend


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Sarah Neall Vernon 18 NOV 1900  John Vernon Townsend
 Robert Clark Townsend
 Sarah Lillian Townsend
 Kathleen Pierce Townsend
 Donald Spence Townsend


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 18 MAR 1897
Death 12 APR 1986






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Sarah Neall VernonWife18 NOV 1900
Donald Spence TownsendSon
Kathleen Pierce TownsendDaughter
Sarah Lillian TownsendDaughter
Robert Clark TownsendSon21 OCT 192622 OCT 1927
John Vernon TownsendSon
Valerie Christine TownsendGranddaughter
John Gregory TownsendGrandson
Cynthia Spence BartonGranddaughter
Maurice Goodwin (Jr) ZimmermanGrandson
Keith Dudley BartonGrandson
Mary Diane ZimmermanGranddaughter
Great grandchildren
Jenniifer Ann TownsendGreat granddaughter
Katherine Clements BartonGreat granddaughter
Sarah Townsend BartonGreat granddaughter
Laurie Ann ZimmermanGreat granddaughter
Stephan Christopher BayerGreat grandson
Heidi Sarah ZimmermanGreat granddaughter
Katharine Melanie BayerGreat granddaughter
Theresa Lynn ZimmermanGreat granddaughter
Sarah Smithers LankMother-in-law24 AUG 18647 FEB 1911Wilmington, DE
Albert Burnside VernonFather-in-law29 NOV 186227 MAR 1924Wilmington, DE
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Georgina Carol ShafferDaughter-in-law
Howard Dudley BartonSon-in-law
Lillian M. SabineDaughter-in-law
Maurice Goodwin ZimmermanSon-in-law6 FEB 19206 JAN 1965
Peter Paul KarwowskiSon-in-law29 JUN 1917
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Harvey Nelson VernonBrother-in-law1904
Steward VernonBrother-in-law1897
Margaret VernonSister-in-law18951925
Raymond VernonBrother-in-law1893
George Washington VernonBrother-in-law29 AUG 1891
Mary VernonSister-in-law7 SEP 188925 Jun 1925
Eugene Melvin VernonBrother-in-law18 NOV 188717 JUN 1972
Albert VernonBrother-in-law18861903
William Jefferis VernonBrother-in-law24 JUL 1885Wilmington, DE14 MAR 1966Wilmington, DE
Nephews & Nieces
Ethel Jane VernonNiece-in-law28 JAN 193529 Oct 1995
Elizabeth Anne VernonNiece-in-law
Dorothy Rose VernonNiece-in-law
John Franklin VernonNephew-in-law
Caroline Barnes VernonNiece-in-law3 JAN 19283 SEP 1970
Eugene Palmer VernonNephew-in-law28 FEB 19274 Apr 1996
Walter Raymond VernonNephew-in-law29 JAN 19261 JUL 1927
Ruth Lamborn VernonNiece-in-law
George Albert VernonNephew-in-law
Eleanor Sarah VernonNiece-in-law
Raymond William VernonNephew-in-law
Sara Caroline VernonNiece-in-law11 OCT 1921
Sarah Spence Vernon (Lapple)Niece-in-law27 APR 19202/17/2002Capistrano Beach, CA, USA
Eugene Vernon KnowlesNephew-in-law16 NOV 191921 FEB 1926
Albert Burnside (2) VernonNephew-in-law10 NOV 1919
Janet Brooks VernonNiece-in-law11 FEB 1919
Dorothy VernonNiece-in-law21 JUN 1917
Eugene Axon VernonNephew-in-law16 AUG 1916Wilmington, DE
Elizabeth Blair VernonNiece-in-law21 APR 1915
Robert Melvin VernonNephew-in-law12 FEB 1914Wilmington, DE16 OCT 1943USN, Alaska
Elizabeth Adams VernonNiece-in-law24 NOV 1913Trenton, NJ
Willian Lewis (Jr) KnowlesNephew-in-law5 MAY 1913
William (Jr) Jefferis VernonNephew-in-law19 NOV 1909Yardley, PA22 Apr 1997
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Gillian M. VernonGrandniece-in-law
Sean M. VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Maureen VernonGrandniece-in-law
Elizabeth Caroline PressmanGrandniece-in-law
George Washington (III) VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Jonathan Stuart KnowlesGrandnephew-in-law
Randall E. VernonGrandnephew-in-law
James Allen KnowlesGrandnephew-in-law
Elizabeth Kathie HeathGrandniece-in-law
James Palmer VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Frederick James LewisGrandnephew-in-law
Laura Kathlene KnowlesGrandniece-in-law
Kathleen Diane LangstaffGrandniece-in-law9 APR 1959NOV 1975
Richard Grey (Jr) LangstaffGrandnephew-in-law
Kenneth Douglas GossettGrandnephew-in-law
David William HeathGrandnephew-in-law
Deborah Anne PressmanGrandniece-in-law
Lynn Elizabeth VernonGrandniece-in-law
Thomas Stanley VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Garry Stephen GossettGrandnephew-in-law
Sharlene Marie VernonGrandniece-in-law
Glenn Allen VernonGrandnephew-in-law
David Vernon LewisGrandnephew-in-law
Thomas Michael (Jr) HamiltonGrandnephew-in-law
Gary Scott VernonGrandnephew-in-law
John Franklin (Jr) VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Joanne Ethel VernonGrandniece-in-law
George Gifford VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Gainon Crook VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Norman Vernon HeathGrandnephew-in-law
Cheryl VernonGrandniece-in-law
Richard Vernon KnowlesGrandnephew-in-law
Debora Jean VernonGrandniece-in-law
John Robert VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Carol Elizabeth LewisGrandniece-in-law
Edward Melvin VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Arthur George (Jr) HeathGrandnephew-in-law
Stanford Edward (Jr) OpdykeGrandnephew-in-law
Merritt Joseph (Jr) DeGrawGrandnephew-in-law
Diane Arlene LappleGrandniece-in-law
Patricia Carol HeathGrandniece-in-law
Linda J. VernonGrandniece-in-law
Nancy Ellen VernonGrandniece-in-law
Diane Louise VernonGrandniece-in-law
Geoffrey Burnside VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Robert Adams VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Charles E. (Jr) LappleGrandnephew-in-law
Janet Elizabeth OpdykeGrandniece-in-law
William Henry VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Marilyn Jean KnowlesGrandniece-in-law
Ronald Kennedy VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Robert Charles KnowlesGrandnephew-in-law
William Jefferis VernonGrandnephew-in-law
William Lewis (III) KnowlesGrandnephew-in-law
Drein VernonGrandnephew-in-law
Christopher Williams MothGrandson-in-law
Katherine WilliamsGranddaughter-in-law
Andrene Helen WasilnakGranddaughter-in-law
Gunther George BayerGrandson-in-law
Rebecca Evelun WheatGranddaughter-in-law
William James RaffertyGrandson-in-law
James Jay SchellengerGrandson-in-law