Florence Esther Lynn


Florence Esther  Lynn Daniel Evans  Harris William  Harris Margaret Ruth  Lank William Jefferis  Lank Margaret Ruth Melvin Margaret Elaine Carol Lynn  Harris Charlotte Evans  Harris William Lank  Harris


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Daniel Evans Harris 12 APR 1914  Margaret Elaine "Peggy" Harris
 Carol Lynn Harris
 Charlotte Evans Harris
 William Lank Harris


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 8 APR 1915 Indiana Co., PA






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Daniel Evans HarrisHusband12 APR 1914Wilmington, DE8 AUG 2006Lancaster, PA
William Lank HarrisSon
Charlotte Evans HarrisDaughter
Carol Lynn HarrisDaughter
Margaret Elaine "Peggy" HarrisDaughter18 FEB 1940Easton, MD3 JAN 1991Concord, MA
Daniel Silver HarrisGrandson
Eric David EisnerGrandson
Jason David BreslauGrandson
Wendy Renee JonesGranddaughter
Aydin SayGrandson
Dana Lynn BreslauGranddaughter
Kristin Michelle JonesGranddaughter
Great grandchildren
Margaret Johnson GreenbergGreat granddaughter
Autumn Cassia BreslauGreat granddaughter
Alder Isaiah BreslauGreat grandson
Jane Harris TrickeyGreat granddaughter
Gwenyth Olivia TiernanGreat granddaughter
Kailah Lynn GreenburgGreat granddaughter
Morgan Mackenzie TiernanGreat granddaughter
William HarrisFather-in-law13 NOV 1880Morris Run, PA7 JUL 1972Wilmington, DE
Margaret Ruth LankMother-in-law20 FEB 1877Bear, DE26 OCT 1969Wilmington, DE.
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Wendy Leigh SilverDaughter-in-law
David Alan EisnerSon-in-law
Gregory Roberts JonesSon-in-law
Barry Richard BreslauSon-in-law
Arkan SaySon-in-law
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Elizabeth Smithers HarrisSister-in-law18 APR 1912Wilmington, DE
Nephews & Nieces
Judith Louise KlineNiece-in-law
Phyllis Ann KlineNiece-in-law
Ann Elizabeth KlineNiece-in-law14 MAR 1946Dayton, OH14 MAR 1946Dayton, OH
William Hubert KlineNephew-in-law
Margaret Ruth KlineNiece-in-law13 APR 1942Dayton, OH4 Nov 1996
Katharine Alice KlineNiece-in-law
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Thomas Joseph ChappoGrandnephew-in-law
James Hubert KlineGrandnephew-in-law
Barbara Ann ChappoGrandniece-in-law
Katherine Louise KlineGrandniece-in-law
Carolyn Kristine ChappoGrandniece-in-law
Deborah Elizabeth KissellGrandniece-in-law
Nancy Ann ParkinsonGrandniece-in-law
Jeffrey Robert KissellGrandnephew-in-law
Scott Patrick MartinGrandnephew-in-law
James Hubert ParkinsonGrandnephew-in-law
Richard William ParkinsonGrandnephew-in-law
Stephen David ParkinsonGrandnephew-in-law
Natalie Marie MoreinGranddaughter-in-law
Michael Leon GreenbergGrandson-in-law
Stephen Tison TrickeyGrandson-in-law
Gavin Patrick TiernanGrandson-in-law
John Randall CarsonGrandson-in-law