William Barton Smithers


William Barton  Smithers Florence Rutherford  Barrett Lank William Jefferis  Lank Elizabeth Stanton Sapp Emma  Hanby Samuel Winfield  Hanby Alice  Matthews Joan Barton  Smithers William Barton (Jr)  Smithers Emma Lou  Smithers John Early  Smithers


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Florence "Mae" Mae Lank 1 Aug 1907  Joan Barton Smithers
 William Barton (Jr) Smithers
 Emma Lou Smithers
 John Early Smithers


Event Type Date Place Country Description
Birth 10 Jun 1903 Baltimore, MD
Death 21 Jan 1983 Alexandria, VA.






NameDegree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Florence "Mae" Mae LankWife1 Aug 1907Wilmington, DE
John Early SmithersSon
Emma Lou SmithersDaughter
William Barton (Jr) SmithersSon1 Dec 1932Miami,FL26 Sep 1956Larado, TX
Joan Barton SmithersDaughter
Jon Scott SmithersGrandson
Amy Lorraine SmithersGranddaughter
Julie Mae RotenizerGranddaughter
Anna Marie RotenizerGranddaughter
John William PostlethwaitGrandson
Jane Alice PostlethwaitGranddaughter
James Hubert PostlethwaitGrandson
Jeffrey Goodrich PostlethwaitGrandson
Great grandchildren
Briney Anne SmithersGreat granddaughter
Ben Edward HemphillGreat grandson
Jack Thomas HemphillGreat grandson
Gradey Robert SmithersGreat grandson
Abrianna Kate BurnetteGreat granddaughter
Wesley Christopher SmithersGreat grandson
Adam Kenric BurnetteGreat grandson
Austin PostlethwaitGreat grandson
Audrey Rose AlibertoGreat granddaughter
Abigail Kyra BurnetteGreat granddaughter
Allison Chase PostlethwaitGreat granddaughter
Jennifer Smith PostlethwaitGreat granddaughter
Rutherford Barrett LankFather-in-law13 Aug 1879DE.20 Aug 1959MD.
Emma HanbyMother-in-law5 May 1878DE.23 Jul 1962VA.
Sons- & Daugthers-in-law
Lois Dianne GradeDaughter-in-law
Norman Willis RotenizerSon-in-law
James Arthur PostlethwaitSon-in-law
Brothers- & Sisters-in-law
Laura E. LankSister-in-law15 Dec 1917Washington, DC.2 Oct 1999
Harold Clase LankBrother-in-law8 Apr 19165 Jun 1995
Samuel Winfield LankBrother-in-law3 Jun 191316 Nov 1982
Helen N. LankSister-in-law19 Jul 19119 Feb 1914?
Gertrude H. LankSister-in-law14 Aug 19096 Feb 1914?
Grace Elizabeth LankSister-in-law3 Feb 19058 Jul 1995Alexandria, VA
William Jefferis "Jeff" Lank (II) Brother-in-law2 Nov 1903DE16 Nov 1952DC.
Rutherford Barrett (Jr) LankBrother-in-law15 Jan 1902DC.14 Aug 1976NJ
Alice M. LankSister-in-law25 Apr 1900DC.12 Jul 1955DC.
Nephews & Nieces
Richard Jefferis LankNephew-in-law
Fred Barrett BloodNephew-in-law
Thomas Wolcott BrownNephew-in-law
Judith Carolyn LankNiece-in-law
Susan Carol BloodNiece-in-law
Louise Sandra LankNiece-in-law
Stephen Douglas BloodNephew-in-law
David E. BrownNephew-in-law
Thomas Barrett LankNephew-in-law
Ruth Jeannette LankNiece-in-law
Jean Davis LankNiece-in-law
Jane Emma LankNiece-in-law
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Victoria Ryan LankGrandniece-in-law
Christian Marie LankGrandniece-in-law
Alexandria Noel LankGrandniece-in-law
Harold Christian BloodGrandnephew-in-law
James Franklin WilsonGrandnephew-in-law
Jennifer Ruth BrownGrandniece-in-law
Matthew Alan BoyerGrandnephew-in-law
Catherine Louise BrownGrandniece-in-law
Jennifer Louise BoyerGrandniece-in-law
Deborah E. BrownGrandniece-in-law
Edwin Arthur WilsonGrandnephew-in-law
Jonathan Scott BrambleGrandnephew-in-law
Holly Ann LankGrandniece-in-law
Kennard David WilsonGrandnephew-in-law
Michael Bennett BloodGrandnephew-in-law
Richard Lank BrambleGrandnephew-in-law
Laura Locke BloodGrandniece-in-law
Corey J. BrownGrandniece-in-law
Jennifer Ann GarrisonGrandniece-in-law
Stephen Douglas (Jr) BloodGrandnephew-in-law
Thomas E. BrownGrandnephew-in-law
Dawn Ethel LankGrandniece-in-law
Steven A. BrownGrandnephew-in-law3 Jan 1966?11 January 2005Hagerstown, MD
Linda Teresa PetersonGrandniece-in-law
Mark Albrecht PetersonGrandnephew-in-law
Linda Jane GarrisonGrandniece-in-law
Amy Ruth GarrisonGrandniece-in-law
Julie Lea PetersonGrandniece-in-law
James Barrett GarrisonGrandnephew-in-law
John Robert GarrisonGrandnephew-in-law
Jefferis Kent PetersonGrandnephew-in-law
Damon Kenric BurnetteGrandson-in-law
Gregg Bryen HemphillGrandson-in-law
Linda Leigh SmithGranddaughter-in-law
Christopher T. AlibertoGrandson-in-law
Nanette WrightGranddaughter-in-law